Octopus agave - 10 seeds
Octopus agave - 10 seeds

Octopus agave - 10 seeds

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Undulating and twisting gray-green leaves give the plant Agave vilmoriniana the appearance of an Octopus as the plant matures. A superb tropical landscape or container specimen. Spectacular golden-yellow flowers on 10 to 20 ft. spike after 10 years. 

Light: Bright sunlight year-round. Consider moving your plants outside during the summer, where they can luxuriate in full sunlight, and make sure they get plenty of winter light.
Water: In spring, water with warm water just as the soil begins to dry out. Don’t let the soil become completely dry. In the winter and fall, when growth is suspended, water very lightly.
Temperature: They prefer warm spring and summer temperatures (70ºF/21ºC – 90ºF/32ºC) and cooler fall and winter temps (50ºF/10ºC – 60ºF/15ºC).
Soil: Use standard succulent or cacti potting mix.
Fertilizer: Feed in spring and summer; do not feed during fall and winter.