Ariocarpus confusus - 10 seeds
Ariocarpus confusus - 10 seeds

Ariocarpus confusus - 10 seeds

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ENGLISH: Living Rock, Star Rock

Ariocarpus confusus is a peculiar local form somewhat intermediate between Ariocarpus retusus and Ariocarpus trigonus. This two taxa intergrade in the area adjacent to Aramberri (a natural hybrid?). The peculiarity of Ariocarpus confusus is that it usually develops deep magenta flowers (a color not found in any other populations of A. retusus/trigonus), however white or pink flower or variations of the two or even bicoloured flowers in the same plant are not uncommon.

Habit: Solitary globose plant, rising slightly above ground level, rounded on top 
Stem: 10 to 20 cm in diameter, 4 to 10 cm tall.
Tubercles: Upright tan brownish/green to magenta/green divergent, not crowded or basally compressed, acute at the apices, flattened and smooth adaxially, not fissured, incurved strongly, 3-8 cm long, 1-2,5 cm broad, usually more long than wide.
Root: Tap root.
Flowers: Extremely variable from Cream-white to rich magenta, 3 to 5 cm in diameter up to 4 cm long.
Blooming season: They come in late autumn or early winter.
Remarks: Ariocarpus confusus is an extremely variable species.