Acroclinium mix - 20 seeds

Acroclinium mix - 20 seeds

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Acroclinium are easy to grow and the blooms make great fresh cut flowers for accenting a bouquet and as dried flowers for long-lasting decorations.

Sow indoors and out, this plant will prefer to be put in one place and left there, so avoid transplanting.

If you’re putting it in pots, make sure you put the seeds into biodegradable pots that can be put directly into the soil so as not to disturb the roots (peat pots work well).

Lightly press the seed into the surface of the soil and do not cover. If you’ve germinated Acroclinium into degradable pots, transplant the pots directly into the soil outside in mid-June.

This seed will do better if it can see the sun, so the same goes for if you’re growing it inside a greenhouse or outside. The only difference for planting inside or out is the soil temperature.

If you’re growing in a greenhouse or sun porch, you can sow the seeds around March 15th in soil at 65°F/ 8°C.

Outside, wait a little longer until the average temperature is 61°F/16°C, around April or May.

Acroclinium seeds will take about 15 days to germinate, longer if they can’t feel the sun.