Pilosocereus azureus - 5 seeds
Pilosocereus azureus - 5 seeds

Pilosocereus azureus - 5 seeds

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Growing Conditions for Blue torch cactus (Pilosocereus azureus)

  • Light: Like most cacti, they need lots and lots of direct sunlight to flourish.
  • Water: Weekly watering should be sufficient for their water needs: they need a solid supply of water during the summer. Make sure not to overwater them, which can cause rot.
  • Temperature: Hot tropical temperatures, ideally around and above seventy degrees.
  • Soil: Pilosocereus plants like a dry soil with some organic material, and good drainage is essential.
  • Fertilizer: Complementing their water with a diluted liquid fertilizer once every few weeks during the growing season will help: use a balanced fertilizer like a 20-20-20.